"Your skill and attentive care got me through my knee replacement.
My operation took place last Tuesday and a week later I am mobile without pain and feeling terrific. Thank you for everything."

Betty Clarke

knee consultation, robert gleeson

Conditions Treated

Sports and excersise related problems
Anterior cruciate ligament injuries
Posterior cruciate ligament injuries
Medial ligament injuries
Posterolateral corner injuries
Meniscal tears
Chondral (articular cartilage) injuries
Patella instability problems
Patella tendinosis (Jumpers knee)
Iliotibial band friction syndrome
Osteochondritis dessicans
Multiple knee ligament injuries
Osgood Schlatters disease

Degenerative and arthritic problems
Degenerate meniscal tears
Early arthritis of the knee
Unstable knees due to chronic ligament injuries with early arthritis.
Unicompartmental and Tricompartmental arthritis of the knee
Hip arthritis

Sports Injuries, ligament injuries, knee problems

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